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        This year the provincial government to arrange food safety priorities

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        Recently, the provincial government office issued "Notice in 2015 the province's food safety focus of work," according to "notice" arrangements, on the food safety focus this year will focus on comprehensive management "table pollution", vigorously carry out food safety demonstration creation, etc. 6 items and 19 content.

        6 items and food safety priorities identified in the province this year is: strict supervision according to law, comprehensive management "table pollution"; vigorously carry out activities to create a food safety demonstration to raise the overall level of food safety; establish a sound legal system, vigorously promote administration according to law; comprehensive deepen reform, improve the food safety regulatory system; reinforce the regulatory infrastructure, regulatory capacity and enhance the level of food; strengthen the comprehensive coordination, make concerted efforts to build a work pattern.

        This year through sound regulatory grassroots network, the province will focus on organized "four small" standardized management, kitchen oil disposal rectified. Of key species of meat and meat products, dairy products, health food, liquor, soft drinks, bottled water, food additives, etc., to strengthen the focus on supervision. Explore the establishment of a quasi-agricultural production and market access management convergence mechanism. Planting vegetables in the field of use of highly toxic pesticides key governance issues in the field of animal husbandry focus on governance using the "lean" issue, strengthen the supervision of raw milk; aquatic products in the key areas of governance illegal use of malachite green, nitrofurans additives such issues. Support Xi'an, Baoji, Seoul, Yangling Demonstration Zone create a national food safety city.




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