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        GMF identify and detect

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        In virtually every one of us, almost all intake of genetically modified food, but we did not know. Debate on GM food safety continues, but in the Chinese people's livelihood, the long lurking Phantom gene transfer.

        Currently, China has approved the cultivation of genetically modified crops, only cotton and papaya, approved the import of raw materials used for processing of genetically modified crops are soybeans, corn, rapeseed, cotton and sugar beet, from not approved any genetically modified staple food of commercial production. Transgenic events in recent years continued exposure, controversy GM continues. 2013 Chinese exports to the EU rice products, there are 25 were found to contain genetically modified ingredients. April 2014, CCTV reporter in Wuhan, a large supermarket were purchased five bags of rice, the test results show three contain genetically modified ingredients. So far, the Chinese government has never approved any genetically modified rice grown commercially, nor approved the import of genetically modified rice, which means appearing on the market of genetically modified rice and rice products are illegal. These rice products suspected of being along the transgenic rice researchers, seed companies, grass-roots kind of stand, farmers, consumers, people close to the path of the flow table.

        As early as 2002 the State had promulgated the "genetically modified food hygiene management approach" requirements for food products containing GM ingredients must be labeled in a prominent location. The provisions of the new Food Safety Act to increase: the production and operation of genetically modified foods should be labeled in accordance with the provisions. Also provides that failure to labeling provisions, the confiscation of illegal gains and manufacturing tools, equipment and raw materials, to a maximum value of the amount five times and 10 times the fine, in serious cases ordered to cease until the revocation of the license. However, the market's products are often difficult to distinguish between the expression of vague, even if GM foods mentioned. May this year, the international environmental group Greenpeace released wide north three supermarkets sell genetically modified food inspection report shows that in the sampling in the sample over three percent of the samples tested to contain genetically modified products, including Pringles, VV VITA type soybean milk, eggs and milk and Nestle stars, etc., were not there any genetically related logo on the product packaging.

        Identify genetically modified foods




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