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        Working knowledge of food safety practices Competition

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        WASHINGTON The day before yesterday afternoon, the region's grassroots food safety work practices knowledge contest held in Jiaxing Radio and TV University, grassroots food safety staff from the Lake District towns, streets here "pk", comparison and who is more knowledge of food safety rich.

        The race to the town, the streets of the unit team to participate, contestants from the town (street) Food Safety Commission or the Food Safety Office staff, village and community food security coordinators and information specialists. Competition consists of written and on-site to answer two links. The contest involves "Food Safety Law" and other relevant laws and regulations, food safety and other science knowledge. District Food Safety Office official said, to carry out knowledge contest is to further deepen the responsibility for food safety grassroots network, give full play to town (street) Food Safety Office staff and village (community) coordinators and information officers, and improve the grass-roots level operational capacity of security staff in food, activity to promote food safety staff grassroots initiative, consciously learn about the business, and effectively perform job duties, to further enhance the food security of societies co-governance.




        8:00 - 18:00


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